Netbiz launches a new website for a new waste management solution


Netbiz Group recently launched a brand new website for the Wolverhampton based waste management company, Thermal Recycling. Specialising in the disposal of asbestos waste, Thermal Recycling is currently building what is believed to be the world’s first commercially viable asbestos treatment plant which not only destroys all traces of the harmful substance, but which also produces an end product which can be put back into society.

Founded by Steve Beaumont and Liam Wordley, the business has been 10 years in the making with extensive research and testing executed. Through their combined experience and skills, they have now designed a purpose built kiln which is capable of denaturing asbestos in a more sustainable way. The significance of this is astounding as currently, asbestos is disposed of in landfill sites, burying the problem for future generations. The new innovative hazardous waste treatment will put an end to this by completely denaturing asbestos contaminated waste, at no greater cost than that of taking asbestos to a landfill site. The end product is a safe to use aggregate that will be put back into circulation for use within the construction industry.

The Project

Due to Thermal Recycling offering a new solution for asbestos disposal, we were approached to provide the business with a professional online presence which will enable them to connect with their target audience which ranges from asbestos removal contractors, to landlords and the public sector. As content is key to spreading awareness about the new asbestos treatment, we decided to build the website on our core WordPress theme. As the leading Open Source CMS web design platform, the choice meant that populating and managing the site would be quick and easy for the client. In terms of aesthetics, we opted for a design which is clean and fresh, to reflect the values and ethos of the business whilst also positioning them as an innovator within their field.

Following the launch of the site we will also be supporting the business through social media marketing to generate leads and to build their brand awareness.

The new demonstration plant will open in Wolverhampton in Summer of this year (2019) and the team currently has all of the permissions and licences necessary to treat up to 29,500 tonnes of asbestos per year. To find out more, visit the website at

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Thermal Recycling


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