API Integrations

facilitating back and forth
communication with your solution


How an API can help your online platform

  • Automation of product import and population
  • Adding shipping matrix functionality
  • Working with your EPOS system
  • Implementing CRM's and chat feeds
API Integration

API integration (application programming interfaces) is the creation of a connection between two, or more, applications through their APIs with the intention of sharing or exchanging data sources. This allows a website to automatically update data, products or content when a connected page has been updated. Primarily used in eCommerce applications where a link is drawn from a supplier, allowing the connecting site to update as the supplier does, without intervention. This allows the applications to remain in sync, enhancing productivity.

There are a number of plugins that can be integrated to create such connections, bespoke APIs can also be built in order to draw specific and relevant data between the sites. This bespoke connection can be built and updated, in order to suit the needs of the business and to work in sync with the bespoke website.

Our process

  • Scoping

    We use this stage to identify and unlock any and all benefits of how an API can work with your solution. This will involve communication with your provider to ensure clear goals and objectives.
  • Development

    We build a bespoke structured segment of code to translate and manipulate the incoming and outgoing data your solution needs to fit the API's purpose, whether that's a formatted product feed or an efficient EPOS system.
  • Test and Deploy

    After thorough testing, the final stage is to deploy the completed code to a working state on the live solution to benefit your business with efficiency or conversions

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