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Digital innovation is continuing at a rapid pace in this final futuristic frontier. Only a couple of months after the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced the huge, and pretty much infinite, expansion of internet domains, comes the news that London is to have its own web domain suffix from next summer.

Following on from New York’s decision to begin to use -.ny, the fact that London, and other major European cities are going to start using their own web domain suffix, will open up a floodgate of online opportunities.

We are already aware of Amazon’s uncompetitive aim to have all the suffix ending   –.book, and where will it end? Awesome as digital developments are, to be able to use more inventive, creative and specific suffix will clearly create even more competitive behaviour as businesses, local authorities, SMEs and multinational conglomerates will battle for the most relevant domain names and bring us one step closer in the global behemoth that is online communities.

-.London will bring in investment for the city, and build an even greater digital foundation and awareness for the capital. The unlimited potential to break free from the traditional and will see businesses using or, for example. In short, it will give companies a greater chance of being recognised and rated by Google- the holy grail of all websites, no?

Be ripe for the next chapter of the internet and the big bad world wide web. Be reflexive of the constant changes and how we monitor our online presence. Be responsive to what the competition will be doing to take advantage of the new developments. Be ready for -.Stoke…..

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