DNS And Hosting

What Is DNS?

DNS is the domain name system that translates a website’s IP address (numerical address) to the readable domain names that we use every day, such as www.Netbizgroup.co.uk. With computers only able to communicate through a series of numbers, the DNS is required in order to translate this to the users.
The DNS encompasses all attributes relating to your domain, not just your website. This includes where your emails are routed to.

The DNS Process

When searching on the internet for a specific domain, the search engine or URL bar requests the domain through a DNS resolver. This is typically the users Internet Service Provider (ISP). Once the appropriate domain is located, an IP address is forwarded to the DNS resolver. The DNS resolver will then request the domain to this IP address to retrieve the content.
Finally, the user will have the web pages displayed on their web browser.
The whole process typically takes milliseconds, however, delays can be caused by a number of issues throughout the process, including poor website configuration. Once a website has been visited, it will be cached, reducing any delays on future visits from the user’s IP address.


While a DNS routes users to your website by translating an IP into a domain, hosting is where the content of the website is held. This means that the DNS is required to route users to the appropriate server where the website is hosted.
There are a number of hosting solutions available depending upon the requirements for your website. These include dedicated hosting solutions, shared hosting solutions and CDN. Each has its own merits and sits firmly away from the DNS that your site will also require.

DNS & Hosting

Your DNS and hosting can be held at two separate servers and locations. While the two are interlinked by functionality, they are not required to be held together. However, at Netbiz, we offer both services. This enables you to maintain continuity with your website, and any issues can be directly traced by our team of hosting experts, and a fix implemented without delay.

While we offer DNS and hosting, we, unfortunately, do not offer domains. We can work closely with you to purchase your required domain, however, this will be done through a reliable domain registrar.

For more information on DNS, hosting and other services, please contact a member of the Netbiz team today who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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