Developing your solution

from the ground up


bespoke web design services

38% of users will leave a website if they find the website layout to be difficult to navigate, with 42% leaving if they find the website to be unattractive. A large percentage of customers can be lost to a poorly designed website, having a significant impact on sales or leads. However, just because a design is attractive doesn’t make it the right design.

Bespoke web design offers the ability to create a website with user experience at the forefront, alongside following strict brand guidelines. With 90% of internet users accessing websites on mobile devices, each web design needs to be compatible with desktops, mobiles and tablets. Speak to Netbiz, your local web design company, to see how a new web design can impact your business.

web development experts

With over 1.8 billion websites in existence, building the right website, with all the right functionalities for the business, requires the guidance of an expert web development team. While more people are learning web development in their free time, it does not offer the wealth of knowledge and experience that a complete team can offer. Including creative designers and technical SEO to get the website ranking on search engines from the get-go.

WordPress, OpenCart and Magento have all undergone a number of version changes, with each offering a new element to the platforms. Developers at Netbiz have vast knowledge across all versions, allowing them to integrate changes, even on existing sites.

tailor made ecommerce solutions

No two stores are the same, and no two eCommerce websites should be either. Tailor-made eCommerce solutions help to ensure that the website has been designed to specifically demonstrate the products and services that it boasts.

Aside from the largest eCommerce platforms, OpenCare and Magento, bespoke eCommerce platforms can be built to ensure that the needs of the business are met, while creating a user-friendly platform for the business to update as and when required, with minimal training or software knowledge.

full content management

Not all websites are designed to be eCommerce or brochure websites. Many sites are intended to be informational to users. This means that a business requires a platform that is simple to update and use, with no knowledge of coding. For many, businesses, the solution is a full content management system (CMS), such as a WordPress website.

Content management websites lend themselves well to SEO, helping them to rank well in search engines. Both content uploaded by the business and by SEO experts can be optimised easily through CMS to improve brand awareness and recognition.