8 Seconds- Make Them Count!

According to a study by Microsoft, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since the year 2000, so, if you’re still reading this, we must have grabbed your attention! 

The truth is that there is just too much information out there. We’re constantly bombarded with content on a daily basis, and we can only properly pay attention to a small amount of it.

So, how can you increase the chances that your content will grab, and hold, the attention of your audience? 

A great place to start is by considering the AIDA model. This refers to the cognitive stages that a person moves through when faced with a product or service, while they decide whether to make the purchase or not. This model is broken down into four stages; awareness, interest, desire, and action. 

By creating content with the AIDA model in mind, you can consider your potential customers’ path to purchase, making it more likely that your content will encourage your customers to convert! 

With this in mind, let’s break down each stage and the most important factors to consider when creating content. 


The awareness stage is exactly as it sounds, it’s all about making sure that your target audience knows who you are, what you do and what products or services you offer. You need to establish who your target audience is, and why your product or service should interest them. 

Once you have established this, you need to consider how you will go about getting your brand in front of your target audience.

This will differ depending on their demographic profile, for example, your website’s search engine rankings, and your business’s social media strategy would be key for targeting one profile of people. While a striking billboard, paid digital advertising, and a jaw-dropping PR stunt would be perfect for building awareness with another. Strategically managing the improvement of your brand’s online and offline presence will ensure that your content reach is maximised.   


Now that you have reached your target audience, you need to consider how you will go about ensuring that you perk their interest. To do this, you need to ensure that you continue to produce engaging content through your online presence and offline marketing outputs. 

This content should illustrate your knowledge of the field in which your business is based, while also creating a story around your brand. The awareness stage is all about capturing your audience’s interest, while the interest stage is then about hooking your audience in and connecting with them. Stopping them in their tracks, and triggering them to think about your brand and how it relates to them and their wants and needs is the end goal here. 


You’ve reached your target audience, and they’re interested in your brand and what you have to offer, but how do you convince them that they need the product or service that you’re offering? 

The desire stage is all about building trust with your audience, and outlining the reasons why they should choose you over your competitors! Think case studies and testimonials that will illustrate your brand’s track record for providing customer satisfaction. 

The style of this content will also depend on your target audience, for example, if you’re a b2c brand, a video of a popular influencer could work wonders for your brand. Whereas, for a b2b service, a video of the product in action or an exclusive interview with a high profile client will maximise desirability. 


Now that your customer wants your product or service, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to complete their purchase. 

This is a stage where it can be easy to lose customers, so you need to make sure that every piece of content you create features a clear and concise call to action that will point your audience in the right direction. 

Additionally, it’s worth considering how user-friendly your website is as a whole- is the payment process simple? Are prices displayed clearly if this is possible? Are your contact details easy to find for customers who want to enquire further? We’ve all ditched a purchase after we’ve started it because the checkout, or process for getting in touch was too complicated, or there were hidden costs that weren’t properly outlined on the website. 

Ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible for customers to complete their journey will ensure that they pass this final stage and convert! 

If you need a little help getting your digital or offline content up to scratch, we can help! 

Here at Netbiz Group, we can develop creative and focused campaigns including everything from social media and SEO, to PPC and PR strategies, tailored to your brand and business. Get in touch today to chat to one of our friendly experts! 

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