Showcasing your brand

with your best foot forward


Brand Strategy

Creating a successful brand image requires an in-depth brand strategy to be in place. This brand strategy needs to include more than just the visual elements. While it is important to ensure that the brand logo, colour scheme and other visual assets, the tone and brand voice need to be established for any written content.

Building a brand identity within a market starts with a refined brand strategy. This strategy aligns all elements of the brand, allowing for ease of recognition to its target audience. Where the strategy is unrefined, the audience may not follow the brand throughout all its elements, including social media.

The brand strategy may be key in external marketing, however, it is also a vital element for internal functions within the business. Ensuring that all elements of the business are working to one strategy helps to increase fluidity throughout the business. Working with brand experts helps to ensure that every element of the strategy is complete and ready to be implemented within the business.


PR & Communications

Press releases were considered in 2021 to still be the most trustworthy source of information, with 42% preferring them above a brand’s own website or spokesperson. PR, with the use of brand strategy, helps to maintain or improve the brand positioning within the market. From communicating current or upcoming services and products, to any damage control through bad press that is required.

Public relations are a key element to get a brand’s voice heard in the media. Whether its the launch of a brand or a special occasion, PR can be a time-consuming task, even for professionals. Reduce the risk for your brand by investing in professional PR.

Communication includes everything from regular communication with media outlets, stakeholders and customers, to crisis communications. When a business’s reputation is on the line from bad press, or disgruntled customers, crisis communication from Netbiz kicks in, helping to minimise the impact and subdue the situation in a timely professional manner.

Graphic Design

Graphic design leads the way for a number of brands, by encompassing brand guidelines into every element, expert graphic designers can create the perfect logo for the brand, create assets across the website, social media, and even print marketing and even create branded designs for merchandise.

Far from the days of an amateur on Microsoft paint, investing in assets and designs from a graphic designer can increase a brand’s recognition, leaving them at the forefront of potential customer’s minds, ready for when the products or services are required.

For creative designs, that encompass brand identity, plus modern design, graphic designers are capable of taking a simple brief and offering a vast selection of different designs, each of which sees the brief from a different perspective. From formal designs to fun creative designs, our experts can offer your business an excellent, on-brand, collection of assets.