NetBiz Group show the Graphic Design Students how it’s done...

- Graphic Design

Last Friday we had the pleasure of a visit from a group of Graphic Design students from Derby University. After being referred by one of our lovely clients, the students got in touch and requested a tour of the business and a walk through of the design process. They were looking for an insight on the business side of web design – what it’s like to put your skills into practice day-in day-out.

Greg, our operations manager, provided a quick tour of the premises and explained the roles of the staff in both buildings. The students said hello to our graphic designers, web developers, SEO and copywriters, the accounts team, and the account managers, giving them an idea of our scale here at NetBiz.

Currently working on a Multi-Media and Interactive Design module at university, the students were keen to see how we turn an initial design into an all-singing all-dancing website in the space of just a few days. Greg talked them through everything from wire frames to the design software we use; giving them an idea of how we work and the kind of projects we generally work on.

To go from university graphic design projects to creating websites for clients is a big jump. It’s not only the practices, skills and competency with software that’s needed, but the ability to work under pressure to a deadline and to deliver a finished product that all parties can be proud of.

If you’d like to come and have a look at our facilities and the way we work as a company, get in touch. We’re more than happy to give you an insight into the world of web design – it might even cause you to make a career decision for life!

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