PayDay Loan 3:0: Rolling with the punches

- Google Algorithms

The Payday Loan Algorithm 

A few weeks ago, we updated you all on the ‘Panda 4.0’ algorithm issued by Google.

Well, without again, unleashing a wave of SEO type panic  – the end of this week has brought forward the 3rd version of the PayDay Loan update.

To catch you up, late last night, in his usual fashion, Matt Cutts took to Twitter to announce the update is ‘rolling out now!’

The good news is, that similarly to the PayDay Loan 2.0 that launched a few weeks ago, the update is separate to the Panda & Penguin algorithms and is instead, only intended to specifically target ‘very spammy queries.’

The queries that will be affected, such as ‘[payday loan]’ (Google weren’t hiding anything with the name!) are typically associated with excessive web spam on sites dealing primarily with payday loans, insurance, accident claims, the adult industry and gambling.

Google’s intention? To prevent these kind of sites from surfacing in its search results.

There is no word yet on what percent of queries will be affected with the latest PayDay Loan algorithm, but to give you an estimate – the 2:0 update was thought to affect around 0.2% of English queries.

Again, if you think your site might be at risk – roll with the punches and try your best to effectively ‘de-spam.’

If you have any SEO related questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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