Access All Areas: The Rollout of 4G

- 4G

We live in a digital world; instant gratification of information, easy access to rapid and unlimited amounts of data, news and images- there exists no barriers anymore in this increasingly chaotic, post-modern, technologically- advanced society.

Great news therefore, that superfast 4G internet has been launched in Newcastle-under-Lyme (the spiritual home of Netbiz Group). The need for faster broadband is just an imperative part of a town’s infrastructure as roads, rail links and other amenities. Technology is now such a fundamental part of our lives, business and future, councils across the country have no choice but to keep up to date and au fait with all the latest digital and web developments, and ensure their boroughs are more than well equipped to cope with the increasing demand and reliance on superior technological facilities.

Access, and more importantly, superfast access, to the internet and all other digital communications, allows an area to be in prime position to conduct business, generate revenue and boost the local economy.

More and more towns and cities across the UK having 4G launched is a promising sign that we are on the cusp of (hopefully) pulling ourselves (slowly) of the dregs of the recession; the light at the end of the tunnel is bright, its fibre-optic, and coming to a town near you soon.

(ps: as writing this, the internet has gone down- #teethingproblems #help #slightlyironic )

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