Do I need a web design refresh or a total redesign?

Did you know that 38% of people will leave a website if it fails to deliver an attractive and user-friendly layout? What’s more, figures show that a whopping 94% of visitor’s close websites and stop trusting them if the site features an out of date or inferior design. At Netbiz Group we believe that as web design and development trends continue to develop, it is vital that your website reflects these changes in order to give potential customers a reason to stick around. After all, if your website delivers a poor user experience, customers will naturally choose your competitors modern and user friendly site over yours, no matter how good your products or services may be!

Is your website making a good first impression?

We know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times now but it’s true, your website is a powerful tool. For many businesses, it acts as the first point of communication between potential customers and your brand. For this reason, in order to make that great first impression, your site needs to portray your business in a professional, dynamic, and engaging manner. It should establish your company, provide useful and engaging information about your products or services, and it should ultimately be generating you leads. The question is however, is your website achieving this in its current state?

Poor load speeds, bulky layouts, complex navigation menus, a lack of mobile usability and the lack of an SSL certificate can all contribute to your website becoming difficult to use/ navigate or simply unattractive to users. The result of this is drops in traffic, high bounce rates and a lack of enquiries or returning visits to your site.

Do I need a web design refresh or a total redesign?

At Netbiz Group, we offer a range of web design solutions which help to increase your sites security, mobile usability, and its overall performance. From total re-designs where we build you a new site from scratch, to giving your existing website some TLC with a much-needed refresh, we can help you to really get the most out of your website! If you already have a website which features strong content and outreach but it’s simply outdated, then a refresh may be right for you. If your site is very out of date then a completely new build may be the better option. For advice about which would best suit your needs or to find out more about how our web design services can help you to really “wow” new and existing customers online, get in touch today!