An Introduction to the World of Instagram

So we thought we’d kick-start June with an updated Google Plus page and brand new Instagram profile:

Now, this isn’t about shameless promotion in terms of what we can do – we hope that the examples of our work and clients do that for us. Instead, it’s more about who we are and how we do things.

Instagram is typically known as ‘that place full of pictures of food and fluffy cats,’ well, yes in some respect it is. However, it is also becoming an increasingly useful tool within the social networking realm and we wanted to jump on board.

So what can you expect? 

We want to give you an visual insight into the world of the Netbiz group.

No that doesn’t mean bored ‘selfies’ when we’re stuck in traffic at 8:30am on a monday morning – that’s not fun for anyone.

Instead, think more office life, design tutorials, events and client showcases.

In world where a quick call to a business could mean endless automated voice messages and an eternity of dodgy ‘put on hold’ music, we place high value in being more than just a ‘brand.’

Come and say hello!


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