What Does Your Logo Say About Your Brand??

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Online, and on-trend, magazine, Creative Bloq, have today created a list of the top twenty brands and why they work; a fab feature that has got me thinking about the correlation between brand, logo and company identity. A logo is the symbolic representation of an organisation, but is it realistic, or indeed possible, to convey a company’s ethos, people, values and brand message through the interpretation of an emblem, badge or motif?

Why Is a Logo So important?

Landmark and obvious iconic logos are Google, Apple, Nike, the Red Cross and the Rolling Stones to name but a few; demonstrating that almost all types of entities are incorporating their whole being and identity into a short, snappy and savvy bite size logo. Public sector organisations, rock n’ roll bands, food manufacturers, fashion labels, social media channels…it is an exhausting and never ending list which in itself demonstrates the power of branding.

Consumers, customers and companies alike reach out to brands as an affiliate partner to themselves; we choose certain brands over others due to our like, familiarity and fondness of it. Historical and family influences also penetrate into our psyche and determine subconsciously which brand we choose.

All businesses, no matter how big or small, should put importance on a logo. Whether it is the name in a certain type of font, or contains a character, or even an abstract insignia, it should at least attempt to emulate the company, breed familiarity, and therefore reassurance, into the consumer’s mind.

A logo that is repeated across all collateral, including web, social media, print, fliers and so on, will strengthen the ‘message’ of the organisation into the public realm, and later the public perception. A logo will combine all elements of a business into a nice, neat and tidy design which can be used for all communications, and continue to perpetuate the brand.

We are all a brand. Every element of a company is a brand; the employees, any external communication, the business cards, the internal environment, how you speak to clients on the phone. So be aware; a slick marketing campaign can be undone in one fell swoop with any negativity regarding the company. Customer services are just as important to a company’s brand as a logo. The power of word of mouth supports this opinion. Let the logo do the talking; it should speak volumes.

So what does the Netbiz Group logo say about us?? We know, but what do you think…? Contact us today to discuss this further!

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