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How many of us would be willing to openly admit to our social media habits? Countless hours spent flicking through photo albums of friends, family, and – perhaps more often – complete strangers. Nights at home spent completing fantastical Facebook quizzes that tell you which Game of Thrones character you most resemble, whilst group messaging a bunch of friends about a tweet posted by your ex, and refreshing your Instagram feed every 3 minutes… just in case. I guess you’d rather not put that down in writing?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to – Google knows!

Twitter Opens its Doors to Google

This week, Twitter has announced that it will provide Google with access to the 140 characters posted by its 284 million active users – a privilege that has not been granted since 2011.

So what does this mean? Effectively, it means that Google has more user content to index, and that both logged out users and non-users can view Tweets by merely searching for them on Google.

More importantly, what does it mean for SEO? Matt Cutts (head of web spam at Google) claims that likes, follows and shares do not count towards Google rankings – so far as he knows. But the indexing of millions of tweets that is due to commence in the first half of 2015 is surely another matter; fresh content being shared and re-shared by Twitter’s and Google’s users sounds like the perfect measure of relevancy to me.


Better the Devil you Know

Some resent the ability that Google has to store and analyse our personal information and browsing habits– hence the call for the ‘no-adds’ social network ‘Ello’. Others are blissfully unaware of Google’s powers and their implications, and therefore don’t hesitate to over-share, save personal information and upload no-end of images that get swallowed up by the abyss to resurface in the unknown future.

But why not join the minority of people that make the most of all the data stored by Google, and use it to your advantage? Google Analytics has the facilities to measure the effect that social media has on your website; conversion rates, the user’s journey through your website and exactly what captures their interest are amongst the factors you can analyse when somebody visits your website via social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram (the list goes on)  – they’re all incredibly powerful tools, and Google is gaining more knowledge and control over them as time goes on. Our advice? Don’t fall behind by not using this tool; analyse the traffic you gain from social media, promote your website, share relevant content and watch as the interactions increase your success. And thank us later!

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