Securing your site against LOG4J

Tech companies around the world have been in overdrive as early December saw the emergence of a major software vulnerability. Some cybersecurity experts have deemed it the most problematic discovered in recent years. Known as Log4Shell or Log4j, the vulnerability comes from a software library that is intended to help developers keep track of changes in the applications or websites that they build. Being an open-source resource utility, the scope of the issue spreads over hundreds of thousands of java applications.

It’s become more than clear that there are far-reaching implications as the vulnerability can be used by hackers to control java-based web servers, which then enables the hacker to control of affected systems attached to that server. Once control of an application is taken, the resource can be used for credential theft or data exfiltration or even used as ransomware. Huge companies such as Microsoft, Google, and IBM found themselves to be vulnerable to attack by this method and have since issued advisories around the threat.

Posing a very serious risk, we’ve made all the relevant amends and updates across both our Shared and Dedicated Hosting platforms to keep all our sites safe and secure. This is another reminder that internet security is ever-evolving and needs quick reactions in order to stay ahead of vulnerabilities as they emerge. As a Digital Agency, we aspire to maintain cutting-edge hosting security. Our Hosting team are dedicated to preventative rather than reactive measures to any threats to your website. Keeping your eCommerce site, and your business online is their number one priority.

Between webspace, emails and security, hosting solutions can be a complex hurdle for most businesses. In a time when keeping an eCommerce website stable and functional there’s not always the time to shop around. We strive to keep our hosting packages as clear and as concise as possible to help any organisation understand what is essential to keeping your site secure for trade at any level.  From dedicated web application firewalls to denial of service protection, Netbiz Group offers a host of bolt-on web security solutions that keep your online traffic safe and assured as they navigate your website and ultimately enter their credentials.




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