Premier Guns


Our brief

Premier guns are a premium online retailer with a big reputation for being specialists in their field of work. 

So, our brief was to create a leading e-Commerce site which reflected this. It was important for the site to appear professional and in keeping with the high end products on offer. 

Premier Guns wanted an optimised customer journey with user experience at the forefront of the site’s design.

It was also required that we create a fully automated platform with ease of use for the client, to reduce data input time.


Client required hands off approach It was important that we were the line of communication with Guntrader
Manage and engage new and existing customers System needed to encourage customer engagement with the site
Tailored to different shopping behaviours Had to allow for searching for products via spec or brand
OpenCart 3 early platform lifecycle Building a site within the initial phase of the new e-Commerce platform

What we delivered

We delivered a full service integration with communication to Guntrader, the product feed provider, fully automated warehouse integration for stock levels, and API updates specs with prices to achieve the hands off approach desired.

The site was built on OpenCart 3, the latest version of OpenCart at the time, and the site includes a number of bespoke features to achieve the required functionality, along with a premium feel.

An account system was utilised to capture data and produce a reward system to increase user engagement and encourage repeat purchases.

A mailing list was also included for an additional line of communication to increase consumer engagement.

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Under the hood

  • Opencart 3
  • Integrated with epos system
  • Facebook chat

Behind the scenes

Automation was incorporated throughout the site, to increase business efficiency for Premier Guns, who prioritised limited interaction with information input. 

Warehouse management and EPOS integration was also utilised to create a cohesion between website and store stock levels – this ensures that stock on the site is always correct, and in line with actual stock levels. 

An account login feature was included to increase the opportunity for customer engagement, and to ensure ease of checkout for customer orders. 

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Channels and integrations

Video talk through

Results and benefits

  • 1
    Business efficiencies Stock management
  • 2
    Site longevity Polished premium site fit for the next 6-8 years
  • 3
    Improved features and customer journey Increased ease of use for the customer
  • 4
    Improved design Visual look of the site was updated to give a more premium feel

A huge mark of success for this project was the site’s successful build on OpenCart 3. Utilising this platform for the first time during the build of the Premier Guns site allowed us to incorporate bespoke features that would bring improvements for both the client and their customers.  

Providing a system which allowed the site to run without large interaction from the client ensured that Premier Guns gained the hands off approach which they wanted. Further to this, the site will function well for the next 6-8 years. 

Overall, we achieved the premium looking site which echoes the nature of the brand to add value to customers.

Need a similar solution?

Have you seen something in our Premier Guns case study that you think might work for your business? Are you currently using an outdated platform and think that Opencart 3 is the next step for you? Our expert team of web developers and designers are on hand to walk you through the process of choosing the right platform and design for you and your brand.

Does your online business need to include integrated payment options? You don’t have to have a new site just to add alternative payment gateways, our team of developers can add these to your existing site as and when you need to include them.

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