Netbiz launch new site for super fidget spinners!

- Fidget spinner

We’re sure you’ve seen the latest phenomenon sweeping the UK, captivating children and adults alike, yes, the fidget spinner.

No one can deny the toy’s ubiquity, and its rapid rise in popularity is staggering. Some estimates suggest over 200 million spinners have been shipped out to retailers so far, with over 8000 sellers on Amazon alone!

But, in the style of an M&S advert, “there are fidget spinners, and then there are Rotablade fidget spinners”!

We were approached by an existing client to design and build a new website promoting their range of precision engineered spinners. So well made are these premium playthings, that a Rotablade ‘Stubby’ recently clocked an impressive 10-minute spinathon!

“That’s some serious spinnage” we hear you cry, surely not?

Well, we’d share in your spinning cynicism amidst such a bold claim, but having worked with this particular client for a number of years, we can certainly vouch for their engineering prowess!

Each Rotablade spinner is precision made to very tight tolerances and perfectly balanced for maximum comfort and performance. They’re available in a number of metals including stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium, and in exotic materials such as damasteel, zirconium, superconductor and mokuti.

Still don’t believe us? Check them out for yourselves, but be warned, they’ll make your head spin!

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