New Site, New Netbiz

- New NetBiz Website

The time has come to unveil the brand spanking new website for Netbiz Group. This is our baby, and as a digital agency providing web and online marketing services, we felt we really had to push the boundaries in terms of cutting edge design and fresh and powerful content.

Crafting on it with our gang of innovators, creators and developers, it was essential the new site reflected the true skills of the team and the brand identity of the organisation. This is our calling card; we hope you like and enjoy it.

Being at the forefront of all the latest design techniques and web developments gives us the opportunity to really get our creative juices flowing, but also we wanted a clear foundation on which to demonstrate our client projects to you all. If you are inspired by the portfolio, or want us to bring you some inspiration, we are here to help, listen and advise.

We are proud of the new website; we wanted to demonstrate our highly skilled capabilities in terms of web design, whilst still remaining informative on which other services we provide, and crucially without isolating our core audience and target market. We are, and always will be, a local agency with a big delivery. This is one of our key characteristics on which to build, and once more become aligned with the broader brand ethos that we are an approachable and supportive bunch, who SMEs need not be wary of, but strong enough in our proven results that bigger businesses are reassured in our capabilities.

By showcasing the scale and scope of our portfolio, we are trying to convey that we work with any company, regardless of size, budget or location; the clients may differ but the results will always be confidently and successfully delivered.

There has also been an injection of fresh creativity and talent with the changing of the old guard and new members of the Netbiz team ready and raring to get to work and bring the company back into the public psyche and make you all aware of the talent that Netbiz Group has in abundance.

The website is a key development in our re-branding exercise- we feel it will help us raise awareness on who we are, what we actually do and who we do it for.

You’ll be seeing, reading and hearing about Netbiz Group much more in the near future- watch out ‘cos here we come!!

Roo Oxley

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