Mobile First Websites

The mobile-first approach is to design mobile first websites that work your way up and is fast becoming the content solution web users are looking for.

If your site is good on a mobile device, it translates better to all devices, but more importantly, it is an approach that focuses on content and how well it is presented.

Mobiles naturally have less real estate when it comes to screen size, and alongside considerations such as bandwidth, your content needs to be carefully crafted and placed at the heart of your website.

Our design team has the creative expertise to deliver a mobile first design that will engage your customers when browsing your site on the go.

Benefits of Mobile First Websites

Whilst a responsive website will certainly give your users a more intuitive experience, a mobile first websites are more refined with content to further focus on the key content that you want to present.

The user-interface is streamlined to make your products and services as accessible as possible and we prioritise each element to determine the most important elements to display.

We appreciate every investment our clients make and we’re passionate about getting all mobile first websites right-first-time. In today’s ever changing digital landscape, we pride ourselves on giving honest, professional advice and delivering a site that you’ll be happy with, and your customers will be happy using.

Other Systems & Integrations.

Whether you’re looking for a CMS website or an eCommerce solution, we choose a system we believe is best suited for your project.

We work with all industry leading Open Source systems and specialise in WordPress, OpenCart and Magento development.

We’re also experienced integrating with third-party services such as:

…and many more.

If your website has a particular requirement, or you’d like to streamline the day-to-day management, get in touch today to see how we can help.

Wonderful working relationship...

When looking for web design in Staffordshire, the most important thing to me is my working relationship with whoever I decide to work with and I am pleased to say that I have a wonderful working relationship with Netbiz.

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