Luxury hotel brand is latest high profile data breach case, but what’s the best action against hackers?

- Data breach Marriott

You may have heard and hopefully weren’t affected by the huge data breach at Marriott International, which has seen 500 million people’s personal data hacked.

Last week a class action lawsuit was launched against Marriott by lawyer firm Murphy, Falcon & Murphy alleging they ‘failed to ensure the integrity of its servers and properly safeguard consumers’ and stocks have plummeted 5.6% since the announcement.

Noticing the warning signs

Scarily hackers were undetected when accessing the database of Starwood Hotels back in 2014, a brand Marriot would buy two years later with the company still unaware of the breach.

It wasn’t until September earlier this year that the full scale of this colossal data breach came to light.

Although brands can plead a lack of knowledge on the subject, such a huge hack should have sent alarm bells ringing far sooner and been resolved quickly. A data breach shows a lack of care when it comes to customers data and trying to regain their trust will be an uphill battle for Marriott.

What the experts said

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have released a statement asking people who may have used Marriott International services in the past four years to remain vigilant and be wary of any suspicious activity on their bank accounts and credit cards.

How we can help

Cyber Security is now more critical than ever in a post-GDPR world where personal data security is a very topical subject, especially given the fines on offer for countries inside the European Union.

Up until the end of June this year, there have been 658 cyber attacks on businesses with hackers become more knowledgeable about ways to hack websites. reports that the cost of data breach can be anywhere from £2000 to over £22,000 for businesses of any size.

Here at Netbiz we have a number of robust maintenance plans as well as additional hosting features that adder extra layers of security for your business, that will help ensure your website and your data is safe and secure.

Find out more by giving us call or speak to your Account Manager today.

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