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Royal Crown Derby Bespoke Magento Website for Royal Crown Derby - ecommerce development

Bespoke Magento eCommerce store for global luxury ceramics manufacturer.

The story / the solution

Royal Crown Derby is an iconic, global luxury ceramic brand based in Derbyshire. As an established and prestigious manufacturer of luxury fine bone china, our challenge was to add a contemporary twist to showcase the heritage and artisan craftsmanship of this exclusive brand to new collectors and interior designers.

The solution was to create a website which looks stylish and fresh whilst retaining the sumptuous image which Royal Crown Derby is renowned for. The design allows each piece to be treated almost like a piece of theatre or art. With large, crisp images which take centre stage, product descriptions which capture the craftsmanship and heritage of each piece, and an elegant yet contemporary design which enables users to seamlessly browse through ranges, the website continues to appeal to existing collectors whilst also attracting new collectors and interior designers.

Key Services

  1. Bespoke Web Design

    The website was designed and built from the ground up to inject a contemporary twist into a traditional product.

  2. Mobile First Design

    To appeal to a younger demographic, the site adopted a mobile first design.

  3. Magento Web Development

    After understanding the exact technical requirement for the website, the team decided on Magento as the web solution most suited to develop the technology.

  4. Third Party Integration

    Netbiz connected the website with the clients internal Till system via a third party company to ensure all orders and stock were synced.

  5. Responsive Web Design

    The Royal Crown Derby website is fully device responsive to ensure a seamless transition between desktop and mobile devices.

Magento Web Design

Magento was the platform that we felt was the best fit for the project. As with any web development project, we carefully research what system will give the client the best management facilities and provide a long term solution for them to grow with.

Having worked with Magento over the years, we have the knowledge of how to develop on it for optimal performance for the end user. We review what features will service our client’s requirements and identify any third party modules or bespoke development needed to streamline functionalities native to the application.

In addition, we have Magento Optimised Servers that have been carefully configured to give any site using Magento the best performance and security.

Netbiz is a great web design company to work with

Netbiz is a great web design company to work with, the team are excellent in providing the best of service and in achieving the results you want in your business.

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