Saturday was World Emoji Day, an unofficial holiday created to celebrate the humble emoji! To mark the occasion, we’ve broken down why emojis should be part of your digital marketing strategy...


What are emojis?

Emojis are small icons that can be used as part of many forms of digital communication. Emojis generally take the form of yellow smiley faces and everyday items like food, technology, zodiac signs and weather. 

Emojis were first created during the 1990’s by a Japanese marketing agency, but their popularity began to soar when Apple introduced them to their mobile keyboard in 2011. 

Over the last decade, emojis have become a communication tool that most of us use on a daily basis, and there are over 3000 emojis on the official Unicode list. 


Emojis and social media 📱

Emojis are perfect for use on social media. The informal, friendly feel of social media is accentuated by the use of emojis. 

You probably use emojis everyday on your own social media accounts- to add a final touch to your status updates, for fun in your direct messaging conversations, and to interact with friends on their posts and statuses. However, you might be reluctant to use emojis in the same way on your business’ social media pages. 

This reluctance is misplaced, as studies have shown that using emojis within a business’ social media content actually increases readability and interaction, (both of which we will touch on later). So, using emojis correctly within your digital marketing content will actually increase its reach!


Emojis and email 💻

Emojis aren’t just a fantastic tool for social media marketing, they can be incorporated well into email marketing campaigns too! 

Including an emoji in the subject line of an email can improve open rates and engagement rates. Using emojis well, throughout the text of an email, can also help you to emphasise a particular point, improve the flow of the text, and generally make the email appear more attractive and interesting to the reader! 


Encourage engagement 👍

Similarly to improving readability, emojis add a layer of visual appeal and intrigue to your content, which has been shown to improve user engagement. 

Study results show that using emojis in an Instagram post boosts the resulting engagement rate by almost 60%, compared to a similar post without emojis. 

A comparable story can be seen across most common social media platforms, with Facebook posts receiving much higher levels of shares, likes and general engagement when emojis are used competently within posts. 

Similarly, a quarter of all Tweets containing emojis receive increased engagement, compared to Tweets without emojis. 


Boost readability 📰

Most of us now use emojis in our everyday digital communications, with good reason! Emojis help us to properly convey emotion and tone. We’ve all drafted a stern text before, and decided to soften the blow by adding a silly emoji to the end, right? 

Using emojis within your digital marketing content can have a similar effect- they can make your content appear more interesting, and lighten the tone of heavy information. 

Additionally, on a platform such as Twitter, where users must adhere to a word count, emojis can help to add extra context to a post. 


Build your brand’s personality 🤩

Including emojis in your business’ digital marketing content will also help to create a unique personality and character around your brand. Creating a strong personality for your brand will encourage customers to connect with, trust and remain loyal to your brand. 

This is important, as the more a customer relates to and trusts a brand, the more likely they are to return to this brand in the future, and recommend it to others!


While emojis have only existed in popular culture for the last decade or so, they have already had a huge impact on the world of digital communications. If you’re not embracing the use of emojis within your business’ digital marketing content yet, now is the time to get emoji-fluent!  

If you need a little help to ensure that your business is making the most of its digital marketing potential, we can help! Here at Netbiz Group, we can develop creative and focused digital marketing strategies tailored to your brand and business- get in touch today to chat to one of our friendly experts.

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