We've welcomed 4 students to Netbiz HQ so far, here's a sneak peak of how the project is progressing!


It’s week 4 of our collaborative partnership with Newcastle College, part of Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group (NSCG), so we thought we’d share how the project is going so far.

The Project So Far

The group have been tasked with developing a new online luxury jewellery brand; with each student working on different aspects of the brief including logo concepts, web design, digital marketing resources such as social media marketing and e-mail marketing templates.

NULC Partnership Week1

Week 1 – A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer… Charlotte established the style and branding for the site!

In week 1, Charlotte visited the Netbiz studio to research and set out an initial style for the site and the marketing assets. This included completing some brand research, experimenting with logo designs and colour schemes – all of which had to of course meet the clients brief. Here Charlotte had to think carefully about the overall brand image to ensure that the end project meets the clients expectations whilst also appealing to the brands target audience. Not only does the style of the site need to be aesthetically pleasing, but it also needs to reflect the brands personality and values whilst also remaining consistent.NULC Week 2

Week 2 –Jess put the foundations in place, setting up the internals of the site!


Once the style had been outlined, we then welcomed our second student to the studio, Jess. In week 2 Jess faced the task of carefully building the internals of the website, working with the style set by Charlotte to create a responsive framework in photoshop. Here Jess worked on the templates for the typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components



Christian - Newcastle College

Week 3 – Christian gets to grips with a mobile ready site!

With the internals of the site and the style and branding finalised for the site we welcomed Christian to Netbiz HQ for the third week of the project.

Christian worked on the mobile design of the site ensuring it can be seen in the correct format across all platforms; an essential for all websites today.

Nobody likes a poorly formatted website, right?

Week 4 – Holly fine tunes the site ready for the presentation!

In the previous three weeks we have welcomed Charlotte, Jess and Christian and now we have the very talented Holly in the studio.

Holly has been going through the website design so far and making formatting changes and making sure key sales messages are drip fed through the site following a brief from our Marketing Director Greg. She will also be responsible for adding a branded footer to each page of the site as well as market research into the target audience for the site.

Holly said,

“I am fine tuning what the rest of our team have worked on so far after going through the site with our tutor. We looked at brands such as Pandora when researching the design for the site and how the site would be presented.”


We have two more students set to visit Netbiz HQ to work on the presentation of the site (Week 5) and the final week (Week 6) will be a Powerpoint presentation of the completed project.

We’re really excited to see what our talented team of students have come up with; bringing our brief to life. The aim of this exciting partnership is to provide a meaningful work placement for Newcastle College students as well as showcasing life in a fast paced digital agency.

Keep up to date with this exciting collaboration on Twitter @netbizgroup and see how the project turns out.

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