25th Anniversary of the Internet

- Internet - 25th anniversary

Twenty five years ago, on the twelfth of March, Sir Tim Berners-Lee delivered the idea to make information available to be shared between computers. This idea was made possible by using nodes that had intertwining links, as they number of these links grew it became a “web” that would eventually stretch worldwide and become what we know as the modern internet. CERN, the physics lab based in Switzerland, saw Sir Tim’s idea as a side project, yet it now, the World Wide Web is seen as one of CERN’s biggest achievements.

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It’s possible to argue that the internet is not even as old as twenty five, as it took time for the web to develop into the endless streams of data we have at our fingertips today. The internet as a whole has had to expand and become the coordinated and optimised web we are use to. With the surge of handheld technology over the past decade or so has allowed us to use the internet on a much larger scale, not only using it for the sake of gathering information but also as a source of information but entertainment as well.¬† From news articles to the free flash games scattered throughout our daily browse.

Tim has expressed he wants to create a bill of rights for the internet that governs the community and how the internet should act as a whole, he believes that privacy on the internet should be a given as well as getting that other 60% who do not have access to the internet, on the internet as quickly as possible, with that, Tim feels that people should be able to freely express their views and opinions without a government figure lurking in the background. Tim has shown support for minority presence on the internet, announcing that the internet should not be ran by the more dominant languages on the planet and that everyone  should have access to the great expanse of information.

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