we started life as a

web design agency in 2004

and have since evolved to offer
a lot more..
Who Are Netbiz

In the early 2000’s the internet was a very different place, and so was the world of web design and development. Single page sites that operated solely to publish a brand identity and contact number served their purpose, but have ultimately evolved. Modern web design and web development needed to grow to adapt to our expectations and needs as consumers and operators. Stock management, payment gateways, and bespoke integrations made the lives of operation managers far easier. On the front end, designs grew to include UX theories and optimised HTML offering clear direction, and ease of use whilst looking inviting and contemporary. Growing to meet these goals has become a journey that has no sign of ending with constant technologies being implemented into the newest frameworks. 

NetBiz has helped, advised, designed, developed, and optimised every step of the way. Helping out clients reach the potential of their online presence to drive revenue, share information, or optimising a back-end process is what drives us. Our now 20-strong team are a complimentary blend of intuitive developers, insightful designers, dedicated hosting experts, and passionate marketers.

Our services have expanded from purely web development, to incorporate all the digital elements that you require to get your new website, and your business, to the forefront. We believe in making the lives of our clients as easy as possible. This is why our business continues to expand with each new web and digital development. From top-level hosting security to the latest social media trends, the latest technologies in AR, and new paid media structures. We’ll stay ahead of the trend so that your business can too. 


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